Special nature documentary Toad, Their Love (Broadcasted on Q Channel Oct. 2000)

2001 Filming Award from the 2nd Korea Visual Arts Festival

Broadcasted on National Geographic Asia Channel


Nature documentary Tumen River (Sequel) (Broadcasted on Q Channel May 2001)

Awarded on program project section by Korean Broadcasting Commission on 2000

Awarded Second Prize from the 6th YMCA’s on good program on the environment section


Part 1 of ‘Greater Painted Snipe, Going Out after 100 Years’ of Spring project sequel

“Ecology Record Cheonsu Bay 365days” (Broadcasted on KBS Environment Special Feb. 2002)

Exclusive cover on Greater Painted Snipe which appeared in Korea in 100 years.


Nature of Korea (100 films) (Broadcasted on MBC Special Documentary during Jul. 2002 ~ Sep. 2002)

The biggest masterpiece of broadcast history, covering all domestic animals and plants.


Swinhoe’s Storm Petrel’s Home, Gageo-Do (Broadcasted on KBS Environment Special May 2003)

Spotlighted Gageo-do, ecology hub airport of Northeast Asia and breeding ecology of Swinhoe’s Storm Petrel.


Wandering of Saunders’s Gull (Broadcasted on KBS Environment Special Sep. 2003)

Crisis of international endangered species and solution


Special nature documentary Mystery of Life (Trilogy) (Broadcasted on Q Channel Nov. 2003)

Hidden secret about birth and evolution of lives


Black Kite (Broadcasted on KBS Environment Special Feb. 2004)

Continuous struggle of black kite to carry on next generation.


Special documentary Finding Home of Birds (Broadcasted on Gyeongin Oct. 2004)

Ecology experience on Heilongjang, China, the breeding place of domestic rare birds such as Red-crowned Crane

and Oriental White Stork


HD documentary Searching for Wildlife (Decalogy) (Broadcasted on SKY HD Nov. 2004)

Ecology experience documentary on HD TV

Selected as the contents development for digital TV support section by Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency

under the Ministry of Information and Communication on 2003.


Nature documentary Wings of the Wind (Broadcasted on Arirang TV Feb. 2005, English/Arabic)

Nature documentary introducing the four famous birding sites to foreign nations.

Selected as the excellent project by Arirang TV on 2004


HD documentary Trip for Finding Birds (Broadcasted on EBS, Only one Earth Apr. 2005)

HD TV bird ecology experience documentary


Environment news Making Green Korea (Broadcasted on K-TV Jan. 2005 ~ Apr. 2005)

News about domestic nature and environment


Environment news Advanced Agriculture for Green Korea (Broadcasted on K-TV May 2005 ~ Jul. 2005)

News about domestic nature and environment


Land of Migratory Birds, Eulsukdo Island Standing at the Crossroads (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Jul. 2005)

Inspected past and present condition of Eulsukdo Insland damaged by the development and reviewed ecological value.


Brood parasitism, Breeding Strategy in Wildness

(Broadcasted on KBS environment special Sep.  2005, Joint production with KBS)

Focused on the brood parasitism with is the highly developed survival strategy.


Spider, A Blind Hunter (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Oct. 2005)

Spotlighted life of spider depending on its web and leg sense, which is more sensitive than its sight