Nature's Symphony (50 Films) (Broadcasted on Arirang TV Jan. 2016 ~ Mar. 2016 / English)

Nature documentary series introducing domestic wild animals and plants


Energy War - How Animals Get Through Winter (Broadcasted on KBS environmental special Feb. 2006)

Reviewed the wild animals getting through the winter by minimizing the energy consumption.


Cinereous Vulture, Emperor of the Sky, Falls (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Mar. 2006)

Breeding ecology of the Cinereous Vulture called the Emperor of the sky and its struggles for getting through the winter


Janghang Mud Flat, Is It Becoming the Second Saemangeum (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Jul. 2006)

Spotlighted drastic conflict of development and preservation on the landfill of Janghang mud flat


Rice Paddy, Protecting Life (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Oct. 2006)

Suggested alternatives to secure biodiversity of the rice paddy.


Knowing Policy Leading to Money (Broadcasted on K-TV Jan. 2006 ~ Dec. 2006)

Introduced governmental policy which provides substantive help to people


Finding Vein of Gold in Trash, Recycling (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Apr.2007)

Found model cases of trash recycling and suggested blueprint finding the future resource in the trash.


‘Green Planet Friends You and I’ of KBS “Mother’s Lap School” (Broadcasted on KBS Apr. 2007 ~ Nov. 2007)

Nature information program for child using flash animation


KBS Green Planet You and I (Broadcasted on KBS Nov. 2007 ~ Nov. 2008)

Regular program on natural ecology putting together natural video and animation.


Baikal Teals, Record for 7 Years (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Sep. 2007)

Selected as the excellent pilot support section by Korean Broadcasting Institute on 2012

Tidal Channel, Ocean inside City (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Oct. 2007)

Spotlighted landfill history of mud flat through tidal channel in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do and ecological, scenery,

and cultural value of tidal channel.


Island of Silence, Where Did the Birdsong Go in Guam (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Oct. 2008)

Spotlighted the process of restoration of birds in Guam which were damaged by the foreign species Brown Tree Snake

through the efforts of people


Nature documentary Male, Its Coward Love (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Feb. 2009)

Selected as the excellent pilot support section by Korean Broadcasting Institute in 2008.

Nature documentary reviewing male which was regarded superior to female on the perspective of cowardliness and weakness

Why Did They Choose Mud Flat (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Jul. 2009)

People of Muan who protested large scale land reclamation project and protected mud flat. The Muan mud flat,

the first tideland marsh protection region in Korea and designated as the Ramsar wetlands.


Mud Flat Restoration, Allow Seawater (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Sep. 2009)

Significance of mud flat restoration through finding new value of the mud flat.


Architecture of Animals (Trilogy) (Broadcasted on KBS special Mar. 2010, Participated in production)

Secret of evolution and survival strategy hidden in animal’s architecture