KBS special documentary Congo, the Last Legacy of Green Earth (Trilogy)

(Broadcasted on KBS Mar. 2011, Participated in production)

Congo, land of anthropoid, and ecology of mountain gorilla.


Lost Oasis (Sequel) KBS special documentary on UN Convention to Combat Desertification

(Broadcasted on KBS Oc. 2011, Joint production with KBS)

The yellow dust coming together with the sand storm from the Inner Mongolia, and efforts of humankind to stop the yellow dust.


Part 2 ‘Nature Gives Back To Humans’ of “Eco-tourism: New Coexistence“ (Sequel)  

(Broadcasted on KBS environment special Feb. 2012)

Reviewed 6 representative eco-tourist site in Korea and Sought the present and possibility of eco-tourist site.


White Dog, Why Did It Go To Bukhansan? (Broadcasted on KBS environment special May 2012)

Sought legal, institutional, cognitive alternatives for co-existence of human and animal through dogs left in Bukhansan National Park

where 8 million climbers visit annually.


Special Project Trilogy “Ocean and Human” Part 1 : ‘Dangerous Travel of Heavy Metal Lead’

(Broadcasted on KBS environment special Aug. 2012, Joint production with KBS)

Spotlighted reality of lead thrown to the ocean by fishing or fishery and its problems and suggested alternatives.


Special lecture on hope with CBS Asking Public Education to Gangwon Happiness Plus School (Tetralogy)

(Broadcasted on CBS Jun. Jul. Nov. and Dec. 2012)

Restoration of truth on happy public education for everyone through healthy competition and cooperation

by “Gangwon Happiness Plus School” of Gangwon-do Office of Education.


EBS Special Tetralogy 3D Nature Documentary River of Korea (Broadcasted on EBS Dec. 2012, Participated in production)

The first trial of FULL 3D nature documentary. Contained rivers of Korean Peninsula and species living in the river

in the realistic 3D video


Ecology Report, Island, Isolated Land (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Jan. 2013)

Highlighted distinct characteristics and importance of island through Island Biogeography. Also, sought alternatives

about the risk of islands by focusing on the restoration and management efforts for the seabird’s breeding place and habitat.


Meeting the Wildness (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Mar. 2013)

Suggested basic attitude of manners and respect for the wildness we can encounter in the surroundings.


Winter of Baikal Teal is Unstable (Broadcasted on KBS environment special Mar. 2013)

Spotlight on current status of international endangered species, Baikal Teal threatened by the collapsed moving pattern

and unstable life behavior


Part 4. ‘Two Faces of Ecosystem’ of Ceasefire 60th Anniversary Special Documentary: “4 Perspective on DMZ”

(Broadcasted on KBS Aug. 2013)

A one-year record from the physical space, natural ecosystem to historical place, DMZ in commemoration

of 60th anniversary of ceasefire.

2014 BANFF World Media Festival “BEST NON-FICTION” ‘Environmental and Wildlife’ Nomination


Part 1 ‘Golden Eagle, Emperor of Altai of “Mongolian Plat”(Tetralogy) (Broadcasted on KBS Panorama Jan. 2014)

Kazakh who tamed Golden Eagle and hunted in Altai, Northwest of Mongolian plat. A story of a Golden Eagle born

from an egg grows to be the emperor with human.


Part 4. ‘Nomad, Asking the Way’ of “Mongolian Plat” (Tetralogy)

(Broadcasted on KBS Paranoma Feb. 2014)

Nomads lived depending on the stocks to overcome infertile environment of Mongolian Plat. The reality of giving up life

as nomad due to the market economy and modern civilization and their future.


Part 3 ‘Changtang , Heaven’s Road’ of “Himalaya People” (Trilogy) (Broadcasted on KBS Panorama Apr. 2014)

Spotlighted Changpa living a nomadic life in the highest region on ground, Changtang, Himalaya and their naïve smile

and strength overcoming many unfavorable conditions.

Awarded ‘Good Program of this Month’ by Korea Communications Standards Commission on Apr. 2014(Joint with KBS)


3D documentary Danyang, Memory of Time Made by Stone and Soil (Broadcasted on SKY HD May. 2014)

Spotlighted Danyang, limestone region, established with Sobaeksan and Namhan River and its richness of life made

with its stone and soil in 3D.


“Global Village Traveler” ‘Trilling Bicycle Trip – Traveler Juha Park’ (Broadcasted on MBN Nov. 2014)

The global village traveler who lives the second life of world tour which is just a dream to somebody else.


Golden Time of Korean Economy (Sequel) (Broadcasted on KBS Documentary 1 May. 2015)

Suggested breakthrough of reform for Korea which is challenged by the changing industrial ecosystem.


Part 3, 6, 7 of MBN Cooperative Project, New Rich Class(octalogy)  (Broadcasted on MBN Oct. 2015 ~ Nov. 2015)

Suggesting the present of cooperative union rising up as the new way of life and its future.

Awarded ‘Good Program of this Month’ by Korea Communications Standards Commission on Nov. 2015 (Joint award with MBN)

Nice IFF 2016 ‘Best Foreign Language Documentary’ Nomination (Sunflower Village part)


“Sum-Ter” UHD Special Series ‘Nature Cultural Heritage of Korea’(Decalogy) (Broadcasted on KBS, Nov. 2015)

Included green breath of natural landscape and sound of lives and suggested relaxing time for the viewers