Part 3, 4 and 6 of Smile Again(Septology) (Broadcasted on MBN, Nov. 2016 11~Dec. 2016)

Suggested life style of ‘Homo Hundred Generation’ in various sections such as health, food, interior, and travel


A miraculous Day ‘On Day Suddenly’ (Broadcasted on MBN, Apr. 2016. 04 ~ Feb. 2017)

Reenacted the moving story of people coming back from being in a life or death situation. Suggested hopeful message with testimony from actual people who experienced miraculous moment.

Stunning Stories ‘Real Situation’ (Broadcasted on MBN from Apr. 2015 ~ , in production)

The real life drama hidden in the incident and accident of those days.


Pandora (Broadcasted on MBN Feb. 2017 ~ , in production)

Elder of political world and political specialists of each section gather to dissect the reality of Korean politics and open hidden secret, Pandora’s box