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“Korean Natural Ecology Video Book” DVD

Produced DVD of the natural ecology of around 600 native animals and plants after over 4 years of production period.

Grand Prize from 2004 Science Contents Contest hosted by Korea Foundation for the Advancement of

Science & Creativity and National Science Museum

Awarded Grand Prize (Minister Prize from Ministry of Culture and Tourism) on 2004 Korea Video Contest hosted by

Korea Creative Content Agency and Korean Video Association.


Participated in DB construction of NARIS(Korean Natural History Research Information System)

at National Science Museum (Aug. 2004 ~ Feb. 2005)

Constructed video DB of bird, spider, fish within National Science Museum


Seosan “IT Cultural Contents System Construction of Regional Specific Feature” project (Jun. 2006 ~ Dec. 2007)

Constructed Korea’s first bilateral digital bird encyclopedia “Bird of Korea” (


Seosan “Contents Upgrade Construction for Birds of Korea website” project (Oct. 2009 ~ Dec. 2010)

Additional construction for website contents (video, picture) of “Birds of Korea”


Jointly hosted “Special Lecture and Workshop on Ecology Documentary at Ewha Womans University” (Nov. 2010 ~ Feb. 2011)

Jointly hosted special lecture and workshop on ecology documentary for graduate student and undergraduate student

at Ewha Womans University for the purpose of media utilization of biological knowledge.


Produced “Video filming and Promotional Video for The 3rd National Natural Environment Survey”

for National Institute of Environmental Research (Mar. 2011 ~ Oct. 2011)


Produced Video for the smartphone application, Insect Encyclopedia Series at NC Soft. (Mar. 2013 ~ 2014)


Education for ecology documentary course experience at Inje (Oct. 2015 ~ Nov. 2015)

2019 Research Records Promotional Video for the National Institute of Ecology’s Endangered Species Restoration Center (May 2019 ~ Nov. 2019)

The Korea Creative Content Agency 2020 New Media Broadcasting (Shorts) Content Production Support Project -

How to Enjoy Ecology Park (Jun. 2020 ~ Oct. 2020)

Nature provides accessible rest to busy modern people. This documentary is a short but in-depth environmental documentary that captures the life of various animals and plants we can easily find in the ecology park around us.

Patagonia YouTube Content - Protect the Environment of Songak Mountain (Apr. 2020 ~ Dec. 2020)

Songak Mountain embraces Jeju’s painful history. This documentary illustrates the story of a local ecologist fighting to prevent the development of Mt. Songak.

The Korea Creative Content Agency 2021 Shorts Content Production Support Project - Every Day We Vote (Jun. 2021 ~ Oct. 2021)

Just as tiny drops make a shower, a small amount of money, like 1,000 Won, can change the world.


The National Institute of Ecology’s Endangered Species Restoration Center 2022 Ex-Situ Conservation Institution Promotional Video (Mar. 2022 ~ May 2022)

Highlights the Ex-Situ Conservation Institution’s efforts to preserve and restore endangered wildlife in their own habitats.

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