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Nature Documentary Winter Story of Wildlife

Contracted distribution agreement for 25 years with HIT Entertainment, the major distributor in the United Kingdom.

Reached the highest exports among domestic single programs in Korea (as of 2002)


Nature Documentary Korea’s Forbidden Zone

The worldwide simultaneous broadcasting with National Geographic Channel International, Revised edition

for Winter Story of Wildlife


Nature Documentary Series Nature Storyteller (13 Episodes)

13 films covering Korean nature ecology worth boasted to overseas.


Nature Documentary Images of Korean Nature (100 Films)

100 films covering the beautiful scenery in Korea and the great scenes of lives.


Nature Documentary Warzone Gone Wild (National Geographic Channel International, Feb. 2009 ~ present)

Spotlighted the division, soldier, ecology, and control which only can be seen in DMZ

Elected as the excellent domestic broadcasting video creation documentary joint support project ‘Korea to the World’

from the National Geographic Channel International (NGCI) and Korean Broadcasting System (KBI)

Broadcasted on 165 nations from Feb. 2009

Selected as Nomination for ‘Best Natural History / Wildlife / Docu-Drama’ section by The 14th “Asian Television Awards”

(ATA 2009)

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