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Theatre at Bucheon Nature Ecological Museum

May 2001 Trip of Narrow-Mouthed Toad in rainy season

Jan. 2002 3 films including Living on Web


National Intelligence Service, Educational Video

May 2003 Unseen security threat, Cyber Terror


Exhibition Video at Cheonsuman International Bird Watching Fair, Seosan

Nov. 2002 Group dance of Baikal Teal

Oct. 2003 Present from heaven, Cheonsu Bay at Seosan

Nov. 2004 Beautiful meeting of bird and human

Oct. 2005 Finding home of birds

Oct. 2006 Emperor of birds, Birds of prey at Cheonsu Bay

Oct. 2007 Wild goose, the duck of Cheonsu Bay, Seosan

Nov. 2009 Four seasons of Cheonsu Bay


Promotional Video for Seosan City Hall

Nov. 2000 Seosan, the best place to live in Korea

Nov.2006 Happy Seosan, the best place to live in Korea

Nov. 2007 Vibrant city, happy Seosan

Nov. 2008 Vibrant city, happy Seosan


Promotional Video for Seosan Lifelong Learning Center

Dec. 2008 Visiting learning class


Promotional Video for Seosan Economical Port Department

Jun. 2009 Future sea route of Northeast Asia, Daesan Port


Promotional Video for Ecology of Gwacheon

Jun. 2005 Gwacheon ecology trip with children


Hello Pet

Provided rights and interests and information of pets

2005 Awarded Grand Prize from DMB Contents Contest


Thump, bump Earth Explorer

2009 Selected as the broadcast contents production support- creative program section by Korea Creative Content Agency

Kid program combining nature video and 2D flash animation


Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Mud Flat Education Promotional Video

‘Mud Flat of Korea’ (Nov. 2008)

Spotlighted ecosystem of mud flat in Korea which is included in the world 5 mud flat and its development and

preservation status


Taean Oil Damage Memorial Hall Promotional Video for Chungnam Taean Oil-Spill Accident (Dec. 2008)

The pollution and damage caused by the oil-spill and the miracle of 1.2 million volunteer workers stepping out to

overcome the accident.


Educational Video for National Science Museum

Dec. 2008 Co-evolution of Flower and Insects


Wetland Education Promotional Video, ‘Mud Flat, Co-existence of Nature and Human’ for Mokpo Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office (Dec. 2009)

Spotlighted ecological superiority of Muan Mud Flat, the Ramsar site and wetland protection region

by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, and Jindo Mud Flat, the wetland protection region.


Promotional Video for Korea DMZ Peace-Life Valley ‘Opening Unification Door with Key of Life’ (Jul. 2010)

Promotional Video for Korea DMZ Peace-Life Valley in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do


Wetland Education Promotional Video for Gochang-gun City Hall

‘Ramsar Wetland! Gochang Mud Flat’ (Sep. 2010)

Reviewed the value of Gochang mud flat which is designated as the Ramsar wetlands


Mud Flat Ecosystem Tour Promotion Video for Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation,

‘Mud Flat Ecosystem Tour’ (Dec. 2010)

Suggested the value of mud flat ecosystem tour where people can experience the importance of mud flat and ecological superiority


Promotional Video for Kolon Plastics Co.,Ltd. (May 2011)


Promotional Video for Gwangju KS Hospital (Jul. 2011)


DMZ Educational Video for Ministry Environment, ‘DMZ, the Base of Peace, Life, and Unification’ (Jul. 2011)

Reviewed DMZ which is a base for peace, life, and unification.


Youth Democratic Citizens Video Textbook (3 episodes) for Korea Democracy Foundation

'The World, We Are Creating' (Oct. 2012)

A program raising awareness of the importance of democracy in Korean youth


In-Jae RCE Sustainable Development Educational Video (Mar. 2014)

An educational video for UN Sustainable Development Education, In-Jae RCE


An Educational Video for UNESCO DMZ Biosphere Reserve and Sustainable Development in

Yanggu-Gun (Jun.2015)

An awareness promotion program for the designation of a Biosphere reserve within DMZ

Seoul Jungbu Technical Education Center Promotional Video (Oct. 2015)

A promotional video of the Jungbu Technical Education Center in Seoul, South Korea, to help more people acquire specialized skills to gain new job opportunities


Korea Development Institute 2015 KSP e-content ‘Export Promotion Expansion Conference’ Promotional Video (Oct. 2015)

Highlights the function and process of the Export Promotion Expansion Conference

National Institute of Ecology’s Endangered Species Restoration Center Promotional Video (Oct. 2018)

Introducing the new Endangered Species Restoration Center of the National Institute of Ecology, which will become the center of the restoration of endangered species in South Korea.

South Korea Ministry of Environment’s Taean Environment Health Center - 10 years of Health Impact Survey on Taean Oil Spill Victims Promotional Video (Oct. 2019)

Capturing the process of examining the health effects of oil spill victims caused by the oil spill incident on

Samsung No. 1 - The MT Hebei Spirit and the efforts to overcome oil damage.

South Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy - Policy Promotional Video (Jun. 2019 ~ Dec. 2019)

Promoting and distributing digital video content regarding the significant policies and tasks of the South Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy

Chungcheongnam-do’s Bunam Lakes Promotional Video 

'Bunam Lakes, Why It Needed the Sea Water Distribution' (Sep. 2020 ~ Nov. 2020)

Examining the Dutch case for Bunam Lakes’ sea water distribution and highlighting the current state of Bunam Lakes

Ministry of Environment Daegu Agency - Promotional Video of the Campaign to Restore the Naturalness of the Water System in the Middle and Upper Reaches of Nakdong River (Dec. 2020)

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